Non Surgical Therapy

Non Surgical Therapy

Nagler Foot Center, offers laser therapy for non-surgical treatment of chronic back and joint pain, tendonitis, arthritis and more! This is the only laser of this type in Houston. Laser therapy has been used effectively for many years, but advances in technology have produced “the next generation of laser therapy” with the new MLS (Multiwave Locked System) Therapy Laser which uses specific wavelengths of light to treat painful and debilitating conditions.

With laser therapy, Dr. Sherman Nagler, can offer relief to those suffering from chronic and acute ailments such as back and joint pain, tendonitis, arthritis, disc disease, sprains and strains without the use of painful injections or potentially habit-forming drugs.

We now have the most advanced equipment on the market to deliver these results; results that include a very rapid reduction in pain, strong anti-inflammatory effect, and immediate improvement of local blood circulation. This treatment option is less invasive, has no side effects, provides rapid results and speeds the healing process. Laser therapy provides us with an opportunity to treat chronic conditions or injury that affects mobility or quality of life, there is one goal: a rapid return to every-day activities.

For additional information about laser therapy, contact the staff at Nagler Foot Center at 713.529.1010

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