Corns Calluses Treatment

Corns Calluses Treatment Houston

Houston Foot Specialists (Dr. Nagler’s Foot Center in Houston) has a proven track record of achievement when it comes to corns treatment in Houston. Corns are hyperkeratoses of the skin. Corns normally form on the toes, where the bone is prominent and presses the skin against the shoe, ground, or other bones. As a corn becomes thick the tissues under the corn are subject to enhanced irritation. There might be a deep seated nucleation; this is like a core where the corn is thickest and most painful. As foot or toe corns become inflamed, there is pain and at times swelling and redness. Common places where corns form are namely on the top surface of the toe, at the tip of the toe and also between the toes.

We have a great deal of know-how when it comes to foot callus treatment. Foot doctors at our Houston clinic leave no stone unturned to relieve pain, restore function and improve the appearance of their clients’ feet. Our Houston podiatrist treats adult foot ailments and pediatric foot problem and knows all the ins and outs of foot surgery. Our motive is to educate our patients and to offer a relevant treatment program by providing the highest quality of care.

Our surgeons have completed undergraduate, professional and post-graduate surgical residency training. Their extensive training continues yearly since they attend continuing medical education courses in podiatric medicine, surgery, biomechanics plus specialized techniques.

If you are looking for the best foot corns treatment then give us a call right away. Our podiatrist will surely work wonders.

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