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Ankle Treatment in Houston


  • At Foot Houston our foot specialists perform reconstructive foot surgery to provide you relief from foot and ankle ailments.
  • Many people in Houston are undergoing treatment for dysfunction and other foot problem. We ensure that the best medical care is provided to them while using state-of-the-art techniques.

Conservative treatments are recommended in stages I and II. In the acute or early stages, treatment is directed at reducing inflammation and removing stress to the tendon in the hope that the damaged tendon will heal. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) may be beneficial in providing pain relief and in reducing inflammation. Oral steroids may be indicated for short-term treatment of the acute inflammation in some patients. Physical therapy may be utilized to resolve inflammation and to strengthen the tendon. Often immobilization may be required with a cast, cam-walker, or braces.

Ankle Surgery is usually recommended for stages III and IV. Soft tissue procedures for the treatment of tibialis posterior tendon dysfunction revolve around two primary components: repair of the tibialis posterior tendon, and restoring stability to the foot. Recent medical advances have developed new techniques in flexible flatfoot caused by PTTD. The Subtalar MBA implant is a small threaded titanium implant which is inserted into the subtalar joint. It is designed to block excessive pronation of the subtalar joint to realign the foot, thus allowing normal joint motion and lessening stress on the tendon. Bone procedures may also be necessary to correct the deformity. These procedures provide greater structural correction and stability to the foot.

Ankle Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy of the ankle and small joints of the foot is a relatively new tool in the armament of the foot and ankle surgery. The advantage in arthroscopy over traditional arthrotomy lies in its limited dissection and disruption of tissue in order to accomplish the goals of operation. This leads to reduced postoperative pain, swelling, and recovery time.

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