April 23, 2020
Foot Pain

What’s That Sharp Pain in my Foot?

Nerve pain in the foot is a common problem. There may be burning foot pain, tinging, numbness or weakness. Symptoms may be confined to the foot […]
April 23, 2020

Overview of a Sprained Ankle

Sprained ankles are a frequent injury in everyday life. An ankle sprain is defined as a stretch or a tear in one or more ankle ligaments. […]
April 23, 2020

Foot Pain Diagnosis

Foot pain diagnosis is all about working out what is causing your pain so you know how to treat it effectively. One of the simplest ways […]
April 15, 2020

All About Toe Deformities

If your toe hurts and you notice a change in its appearance, you may be suffering from what is called a “toe deformity”. A toe deformity […]
March 16, 2020

How You Get A Foot Bunion and Why?

A bunion is a deformity most commonly found on the big toe of your foot and might often cause joint pain. Bunions do not go away […]
February 25, 2020

Houston’s Foot Doc Sherman Nagler on Bunion Pain

How to Stop Bunion Pain – Long-Term Solutions Bunion Surgery – In most cases, the only way to stop bunion pain for the long-term is thru […]
February 25, 2020

Pain on Top of Foot

Strenuous activities such as running, jumping, and kicking are some of the common reasons for pain on top of foot. If you have taken up a […]
February 25, 2020

Ankle Sprains and Arthritis

People don’t generally tend to associate ankle sprains with ankle arthritis due to its seemingly innocuous presentation in comparison to ankle fractures or dislocations, however recurrent […]
February 14, 2020

All About Hammertoe, Claw Toe, And Mallet Toe

There are three types of toe misalignments that people can suffer from. These are hammertoe, claw toe, and mallet toe. The toes often shift in alignment […]