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June 30, 2020
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What is a Bunion?

A bunion is a bony bump on your big toe. It literally points out laterally and could be very painful. It may become sore; turn red and looks very obvious. If you are unfamiliar with a bunion, it would be a good idea to see a doctor. Sometimes, it could turn out to be something else, and you may not even be aware of it. One of the main causes for a bunion would be if you wear shoes that are too small or too narrow. Having a bunion can cause immense pain. It is a response to the pressure created on the foot. A doctor will recommend an X-ray or even a blood test as it could be an infection caused due to severe arthritis. You can get the best bunion treatment in Houston and is not at all risky. But, as soon as you detect the bony formation, it is recommended that you consult a doctor. After your test results, a doctor will recommend whether you need orthopedic shoes, any form of medication, treatment or surgeries. Not all bunions require surgery, and it can also be treated with medication.

  1. Treatment

There are many types of bunion treatments in Houston. First, your doctor will check the real cause for the bunion. Based on the cause, a doctor will decide the kind of treatment you will receive. It could be as simple as over the counter pills or some pain relievers. If you have swelling, the doctor will have to look at it and prescribe another medicine. He may also recommend hot padding and a warm water bath for the foot. Sometimes, even an ice pack helps!

  1. Shoes

Some doctors recommend changing shoes if your bunion is not severe, and you only experience pain occasionally. If you happen to catch it early, all you have to do is wear bunion pads, special inserts and or splints. Make sure there is no form of pressure created on the foot. Your inserts and pads should be able to take the pressure off your feet.

  1. Surgery

If your bunion is severe, you might need surgery. But, this is the last resort if your pain is throbbing and continuous. If you have these conditions, you should get surgery done.

  1. Your pain limits you from doing everyday tasks and routine.
  2. You can’t walk for more than five minutes without severe
  3. Your big toe always looks swollen and radiates pain even with proper shoes and medication.
  4. You can’t move your big toe at all.


Make sure you don’t get surgery only because you dislike how your big toe looks. Sometimes, the risk could be more than the benefits of bunion surgery. You need to consult a doctor and discuss your options with him or her.

You do not need general anesthesia for the surgery but a local anesthesia called an ankle block. It numbs you from the ankle and goes all the way down. After the surgery, you should try and rest as much as possible. You will have to wear a cast to protect your foot as well.