Why are my toes starting to curl? It’s that a Hammertoe?

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September 16, 2020
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October 15, 2020
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A hammertoe can be seen when one or both of the joints of the second, third, fourth, or little toes are fixed in a bent position. This abnormal bending put pressure on your toes, especially when wearing shoes, which can cause many different problems. These are some common symptoms of hammertoes:

  • Pain or irritation of the toe when wearing shoes.
  • Corns (a buildup of skin) caused by the constant friction of the toe rubbing in the shoe. These may be soft or hard and can appear on the top, side, or end of the toe.
  • Calluses (a different type of skin buildup) on the bottom of the toe or on the bottom of the foot.

A hammertoe may also become painful due to the joint itself becoming dislocated. If left untreated, hammertoes will become more rigid and will not respond to nonsurgical treatments. Because a hammertoe will only get worse over time, it is important to receive early treatment.

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