Houston Foot Doc Sherman Nagler on Hallux Rigidus

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October 15, 2020
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October 15, 2020
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Hallux rigidus is a mechanical arthritic condition of the big toe joint that, overtime limits the ability to bend your toe. At first the condition is not particularly painful and only slightly limiting, but can progress to severe pain and complete joint degeneration with severe blockage of motion. A hallmark of the condition is a ridge of bone that develops on the top of the big toe joint (dorsal bunion). The ridge of bone is an arthritic spur that enlarges as the end of the first metatarsal bone (bone behind the big toe) flattens and loses shape.

While it can take years for the big toe joint to wear out, the destructive damage cannot be reversed. This condition has four stages of destruction, with each successive stage having more limitation and destruction of the joint. The final stage is hallux rigidus where the normal joint anatomy is fully destroyed.

What causes hallux rigidus?

Like many conditions in medicine it is sometimes difficult to clearly determine the cause of a problem. Houston Podiatrist Sherman Nagler says these factors seem to be related to the genesis of the problem:

  • Genetics (inherited poor foot structure or mechanics)
  • Trauma to big toe (joint sprain, crush injury, dropped object)
  • Arthritis (i.e. gout)
  • Demanding activities (crouching, sports, ballet)
  • Poor shoes

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