Preventing Toe Deformities

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October 9, 2019
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October 9, 2019
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In spite of all our technology and everything we know the simple truth of the matter is this:

In certain cases, it’s basically impossible to completely remove the possibility that a toe deformity will develop.

The reason for that comes down to the role genetics can play in foot structure and biomechanics. If the genetic lottery has determined that you are going to have a bunion or hammertoe, there’s only so much that can be done to try and push back.

That being said, there are couple different reasons why it’s best to still try, Says Dr. Sherman Nagler with Nagler Foot Center.

For one thing, it’s possible preventive measures will work. As we said, it’s only in “certain cases” wherein this is an unavoidable situation. If we can stop it from happening to you, we’d love to have the opportunity to do so.

As another, even if it can’t be prevented, these measures can at least minimize the impact of the toe deformity.

And yet one more reason to at least try is this—preventive options are conservative in nature. There’s no surgical intervention entailed. On top of that, they’re also relatively easy.

So, what are these preventative measures?

From a general perspective—and we’ll dive deeper into each one momentarily—we’re talking about things like footwear choices, stretching routines, orthotic devices, and avoiding certain kinds of physical activities.

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