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Maybe you were taking your morning jog, or maybe you were standing in the kitchen washing dishes when suddenly that uncomfortable feeling in your foot started. You thought that a pebble somehow found its way into your shoe only to find it empty and pebble-free. Finally, you realize that even when you are barefoot, the invisible object still seems to be there, right underneath your foot.

No, you are not going crazy! This is a common symptom of a painful foot condition known as a neuroma.

A neuroma can also be referred to as a pinched nerve or Morton’s neuroma. In most cases, this condition will afflict areas between your third and fourth toes where benign nerve tissue begins to grow, causing you to feel pain, tingling, numbness and burning sensations between your toes and in the ball of your foot.

However, pain between the toes while walking is the general symptom associated with a neuroma and this usually subsides if you simply stop the activity and massage the area in pain. This doesn’t mean you should continue to ignore the fact that your feet are in pain just because massages are doing the trick for now – if left untreated, neuromas can turn into bigger problems in the future.

So, let us help you!

At Nagler Foot Center, Houston’s Foot Doc Sherman Nagler has done thousands of treatments for many lower-limb conditions, including some of those associated with nerve pain. And we have some great tips on understanding neuromas.

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