My Feet are Numb – Dr. Nagler, what do I do?

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December 12, 2019
My Feet Are Burning
January 16, 2020
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Numbness and a burning sensation can develop in the feet for a number of reasons. Common podiatry problems like fungal infections (the most common being athlete’s foot) and inflammation can be at the root of burning on the feet and between the toes. Poor circulation to the feet (peripheral artery disease) can also cause a burning sensation to the lower extremities. In most cases, burning feet indicate a nerve condition in the legs and feet known as neuropathy. Contact a podiatrist if you are experiencing unexplained burning or numbness that does not resolve within a few days.

Neuropathy Diagnosis and Treatment in Houston Texas

Nerve damage (neuropathy) in the legs and feet is a common side effect of diabetes. Houston’s Foot Doc Sherman Nagler in Houston TX, advises diabetic patients to schedule regular appointments for basic foot care, and to monitor the feet and toenails for any signs of sores or infections. Elevated blood sugar levels can damage nerve fibers, making diabetics more susceptible to neuropathy and related foot problems.

Also known as peripheral neuropathy, other symptoms of the condition include:

  • Pain, tingling, and cramps
  • Numbness, inability to feel changes in temperature or pain
  • Muscle laxity, loss of balance and coordination
  • Ulcers
  • Infections
  • Bone and joint pain


At Nagler Foot Center, Houston’s Foot Doc Sherman Nagler has done thousands of treatments for many lower-limb conditions, including some of those associated with nerve pain, we have some great tips on understanding numbness in feet.

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