Compression Socks: Who Needs Them & Where Can I Find Them?

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Compression socks may seem like a new fad in sports and fitness, but they are certainly here to stay for the foreseeable future. They are socks that are commonly black in color that are very elastic, but are meant to fit snugly around your foot and/or leg. There are also compression sleeves that are available for arms and elbows, but this article will specifically go over compression socks for feet.

What Do Compression Socks Do?

Compression socks are meant to lightly squeeze the foot. They do this so that you get proper blood flow to and from your leg and foot. Compression socks are not only used in the event you have a problem with your foot, but they can be worn even if you don’t have any foot problems at all. They are especially useful in preventing serious blood clots such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Who Uses Compression Socks?

The list of people who benefit from wearing compression socks is a large one, spanning from people who need them to people who want to avoid leg complications altogether.

People who have received ankle surgery Houston or another type of foot or leg surgery will need a compression sock at some stage in recovery to help the leg heal faster from swelling and other side effects.

People who have diabetes or a history of circulation problems can also receive treatment from compression socks, as these socks make sure that your bloodstream is in order.

Athletes will tend to need compression socks so that their legs and feet work at an optimal level. These socks aren’t worn during games, or even practice, but they work to prevent internal foot issues as the season goes on.

If you stand all day at work, you can find compression socks to be very helpful so that your legs get proper circulation even if you do not move for a period of time.

This is also the reason travelers need compression socks. If you are somebody who spends a long time on planes, busses, trains, or other transportation vehicles, a compression sock can also help your leg and foot in such instance.

Additionally, people who have trouble getting out of bed will find compression socks to be helpful, albeit we do not recommend wearing them overnight. These socks are great for people who are having problems moving their legs.

Where Can I Find Compression Socks?

Compression socks are available in drug stores, online, or from your foot doctor. These socks will cost around 15 to 100 dollars. Going to the drug store is the easiest way to get one or two compression socks quickly, but they may not have a wide selection to choose from, as they come in many sizes and forms.

You can order compression socks online, but due to the need to have them ship to you, they will take time and cost more money.

Getting a prescribed compression sock or socks is often the best method, as your doctor can choose a sock or pair that will work best for you. They will be included in your medical bills, but can be covered with your insurance plan.


Whether you have an ongoing foot problem, or you might fear one will occur in the future, you can order a compression sock as it will work to keep blood flowing in your foot. Call your specialist in Houston to see if a compression sock is right for you.