Laser Nail Treatments with Pin Pointe Foot Laser

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September 12, 2017
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How Many Treatments Are Needed?

Pin Pointe Foot Laser provides quick results in most cases. Depending on the severity of the fungal infection, about 3-5 treatments are recommended to completely rid the nail of fungus. More severe cases typically require 5-8 treatments. Remember that these are averages, and each patient is treated on an individual basis, meaning healing times will vary. A clean, normal nail can be expected to appear within 6-7 months

Is Pin Pointe Foot Laser Safe and Without Side-Effects?

YES! The Pin Pointe Foot Laser is FDA-approved and, unlike topical treatments or oral medications, the laser light is spread evenly throughout the nail. It is not subject to the limits of chemical diffusion (like topicals) or hepatoxic side effects (as is the case with oral medications).

How Long Will the Treatment Take?

The treatment generally takes 15 minutes or less. However, it may be longer when treating spider veins.

Will the Treatment Hurt?

The laser light does not harm the nail or surrounding skin. Some patients may experience mild discomfort from the heat generated by the laser, however it is usually painless.

When Can Normal Activity Begin Again?

Right when the patient leaves the clinic they can resume normal activities. You will be able to put on your socks and shoes and walk out of the office without issue. However, it is up to the patient to take safety measures such as wearing clean socks and shoes, and making sure the tub and/or shower are clean to help prevent the fungus from coming back.

Will Insurance Cover Treatments?

Pin Pointe Foot Laser treatment IS NOT covered by insurance plans. It is a cash only treatment, but is often less expensive than prescription medications. In order to make it more affordable, we are offering our patients a great discount.
What advantage does the Pin Pointe Foot Laser have Over Other Treatments?

Oral and topical treatments often take as long as laser treatment to be effective. Sometimes they even take longer, as many patients say they have difficulty remembering to apply topical treatments or take oral medications on a daily basis, which reduces their effectiveness. Also, oral medications are bad for the liver, especially for patients who are already taking medications regularly.

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