How Popular Women’s Shoes Can Affect Feet

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September 12, 2017
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Any woman who’s ever had a love affair with shoes can tell you that not all shoes are created equal when it comes to comfort. In fact, some shoes are downright abusive to your feet. You may wear them because they’re fashionable and stylish, or simply because they make your legs look great. Regardless of the reason, wearing these types of shoes too often can do long-term damage to your feet. It’s important to recognize how vital your feet are to your everyday life.

Every time you take a step, you depend on your feet to support you. Imagine trying to do this and every step being in pain. This could completely detract from the quality of your life, and stop you from enjoying your usual routine. People who live with chronic foot pain are no stranger to the disruptions in their everyday lives. They constantly have to worry about what they’re putting on their feet, and how it’s going to affect their stability throughout the day.

This can be even more difficult for those who suffer from things like diabetic neuropathy or plantar fasciitis. These are problems that don’t necessarily go away completely on their own, and not necessarily caused by the types of shoes that you’re wearing either. In fact, there are many different chronic foot problems that can cause pain that are tied entirely to other health concerns.

The types of shoes that you’re wearing can be one of the easiest ways to control discomfort. By using the correct shoes, you are allowing your feet the proper room that they need to keep you comfortable throughout the day. It’s a good idea to talk to a podiatrist, or somebody who specializes in the medical care of feet. Your regular doctor can refer you over to a Podiatry specialist. Just make sure to make them completely aware of any issues that you’re experiencing with your feet. These can also be indicators of larger health issues that need to be seen to immediately.

Certain shoes have a tendency to aggravate different conditions with the feet. These are the conditions that are relatively common, and that many of us can control through our daily activities. Look for a podiatrist in Houston who has an understanding of these things, and they can recommend the best shoes for your foot type.


Heels are an absolutely classic! Almost every woman owns at least one pair. Unfortunately high heels have the power to severely agitate things like Achilles tendonitis.

This is a problem that involves the cords in the heel to become swollen and inflamed. This causes a great deal of pain in the back of the Foot & Leg. Heels can also cause problems in the ball of the foot. This is due to the additional weight that is generally pushed forward because of the position of the shoes themselves. If you have plantar fasciitis, you definitely want to stay away from higher heels. Smaller heels can actually help to alleviate some problems in the foot. This is especially true of the first problem, Achilles tendonitis.

Flip Flops

Coming out of the warmer Seasons, we’ve all had some kind of contact with flip-flops. These are probably the most minimal shoes that are still accepted in mainstream society. Unfortunately, they can also aggravate some serious issues with your feet. Again, if you suffer from Achilles tendonitis you want to avoid flip flops all together.

This is due to the complete lack of support, and the constant impact and tightening of the foot to keep the shoe stable. The only thing that flip flops are really good for, is to alleviate problems with the tips of toes. This is because they don’t particularly place any pressure on things like hammertoes or toes that are suffering from other issues.