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April 15, 2020
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April 23, 2020
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Foot pain diagnosis is all about working out what is causing your pain so you know how to treat it effectively.

One of the simplest ways to approach foot pain diagnosis is to start by thinking where exactly the pain is. From there you can hone-in on specific symptoms to work out what is causing your foot pain. There might be a problem in the bones, inflammation in the tendons or damage to one of the ligaments. There are over 100 muscles, tendons, bones and ligaments in the foot so there are countless things that can go wrong. Call Houston’s Foot Doc Sherman Nagler for any foot ailments you may have.

Dr. Nagler suspects there are certain factors that increase a person’s chances of developing plantar fasciitis. These factors include:

  • Obesity
  • Prolonged standing
  • Excessive training, especially running
  • Tight calf muscles
  • Improper running footwear
  • Flat feet
  • Very high arches

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