Five Signs That You May Need Ankle Surgery

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Ankle pain is something that we should all take seriously as we get older. Sometimes, the pain can feel like it is permanent, and at other times can leave us with excruciating experiences that come with undertaking everyday actions, such as walking or even sleeping.

In some cases, getting surgery on your foot and ankle might seem like the best course of action, but you might also have second thoughts over time if your condition changes or gets better. But regardless, here are 5 signs in which you would need surgery for your foot or ankle.

1.If Your Pain Gets Worse or Does Not Go Away

Over time, ankle and foot injuries should heel gradually on their own with plenty of rest and minimal activity being undertaken. But, if the pain in your foot doesn’t disappear, then it will get worse or come back after a while. When this happens, there is virtually no sign that the pain will go away on its own.

2. If the Relief You Are Getting Isn’t Enough

If you have previously bought or have been prescribed medication or walking aids, such as a cane, to help relieve foot and ankle pain, you should eventually realize that these forms of treatment might not be helpful if your pain doesn’t go away and/or is getting worse. Make sure that you get scheduled for ankle surgery in Houston so you can permanently rid yourself of pain and no longer require these less-effective treatments.

3. If Your Mobility Is Getting Limited

You might think you can live with foot or ankle pain and think nothing of it at times, but pain can also limit your ability to walk, run, and move properly. With limited movement in your feet, you may not be able to move very fast, and exercising can prove to be extremely difficult. Not only that, but everyday movements can also be harder, from sitting in a chair to walking up a staircase.

4. If the Pain Keeps You from Sleeping

Pain is a common feeling that can keep individuals from resting comfortably. Some people assume that pain can be reduce with sleep, but it can also prevent you from getting sleep altogether. As we know, restless nights are not good for your health and well being, so consider getting ankle surgery Houston so that you can finally deal with your foot and ankle pain.

5. If Your Pain Is Present During the Rain and Cold

Many people have report feeling pain in aging joints during cold and/or rainy outdoor conditions. The best assumptions that studies suggest is that when the cartilage from bones that are inside joints get worn away, the nerves inside these bones can get exposed to cold and sense the change in pressure. If you enjoy the outdoors and like to exercise, then we definitely agree that the weather shouldn’t keep you from doing what you love to do.

If you are experiencing one or multiple signs, consult with your podiatrist and see if ankle surgery, such as joint replacement, is necessary for you. He or she might show you some alternative and less demanding forms of treatment, depending on the pain in your foot and/or ankle. Some scenarios in which surgery is not recommended is if you do not have enough bone in the affected joint, the bone isn’t strong enough to support the artificial joint, or if you have an infection.