Finding Exercise with Neuropathy

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September 14, 2018
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Neuropathy is a condition that tries not to encourage movement. Feeling tingling, numbness, or shooting pain through one’s feet isn’t very inspiring toward physical activity. It can even sap one’s confidence in getting out at all!

However, the irony here is that the exercising that peripheral neuropathy may not make you feel like doing can, in fact, help you manage its symptoms.

Making a push with a solid, customized workout plan can provide better blood flow to your feet. This can help manage symptoms of pain and discomfort, as well as help prevent the progression of the condition from making symptoms worse. And, naturally, it’s good for the rest of your body, too!

Exercising with neuropathy is a winning move, but you must take care to do so in ways that will keep you safe as well as motivated. Here are some tips for doing just that.

Clear a Plan with a Professional

This tip is the most important. Anytime you are thinking of starting up a new exercise routine, when factors such as peripheral neuropathy and contributing conditions such as diabetes are at play, it is best to discuss them with a medical professional who knows your history.

This approach helps you in three big ways. First, a professional can help you sculpt and prepare for a plan that places you at less risk of injury. There is nothing that can kill a motivated drive more than having to sit out for a few weeks with Achilles tendinitis or another painful mishap.

Second, a professional can help you tailor the activities you love to do in ways that will have the best ultimate effect on your pain relief and other goals. If an injury kills motivation, seeing results sooner builds it!

Third, having feedback is a great way to not only stay accountable, but to discover new and fun activities you might not have considered.

No matter what recommendations are made to you, be as mindful as you can be to your body. If you do feel pain during a workout, stop the activity. And if you feel you are in a position when you would not know if you have injured your feet, let us know!

Make Exercise Part of a Full Treatment Plan

Physical activity can have huge returns in a neuropathy treatment and management plan, but it is not the only method that should be considered.

Changes in diet, diabetes management, shoes, and other lifestyle elements can also be of benefit. And in some cases, additional forms of treatment can help with pain and other unwanted sensations.

If peripheral neuropathy is part of your life, Houston’s Foot Doc , Sherman Nagler wants to help you face it with the most effective approach possible. Do the activities you love without the effects of nerve damage holding you back!

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