Basic Foot Care Guidelines from Dr. Sherman Nagler
January 31, 2018
Why Diabetic Foot Care Matters
March 5, 2018
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One of the most distressing issues that many people deal with concerns their feet and ankles. When these areas are in pain, they have a profound effect on the quality of a person’s life. We depend on our feet and ankles to support us, and to get us where we need to go. Many people take their mobility completely for granted. It’s difficult to imagine what it would be like to lose the ability to get ourselves where we need to go or to experience pain and discomfort with each and every step. The amount that we use our feet and ankles is part of what makes them so susceptible to injury. A stubbed toe can quickly turn into an infection, or a rolled ankle can give way to multiple breaks. Our feet are also one of the best indicators of our health overall. The color, swelling, structure, nail beds, sores, and level of feeling can be hints at larger issues. This is why diabetics are expected to take excellent care of their feet.

Seeking medical attention at the very start of any pain or swelling can help to prevent a small problem from turning into a debilitating issue. The doctors that care for our feet and ankles are highly specialized and focus entirely on this area. They’re called podiatrists, and many of them spend their entire careers studying the way that the foot and ankle interact with the rest of the body. They can diagnose issues and perform the necessary treatment. It can be a good idea to meet with a podiatrist for scheduled checkups of your ankles and feet.

Dealing with ankle issues can be very disruptive. The ankle is actually a joint at the end of your two leg bones, and it’s stabilized by a series of tendons and ligaments. These tendons and ligaments can be strained and torn by any number of different situations. After multiple injuries a person may require ankle surgery in Houston. These are just a few of the more common ankle injuries that many people encounter:


Tendons and ligaments largely support the ankle. If someone is walking and they step incorrectly, it can pull their ankle to one side. This can actually stretch or distress one of these ligaments. This is often referred to as a sprain. Sprains can result in long-term pain and immobility. These ligaments may not work properly until they’ve had time to heal. This is an extremely common sports injury, and usually only requires rest and relaxation. If a tendon should tear, or ligament should separate, then this may result in a need for immediate surgery. It is possible to lose mobility in one’s foot if this is not properly addressed. Any time that there’s pain or swelling in the ankle, it’s very important to get to a podiatrist as quickly as possible.

Fracture or Break

This is a more recognizable injury that’s usually categorized by an actual crack or break in the bone. Anklebones can be very delicate, and fractures are extremely common. These can sometimes accompany sprains and may only require rest and immobility to heal properly. There are other times when an entire break occurs, and the bones completely separate from one another. Depending on the type of break, the podiatrist may need to insert pins or other hardware to reconnect everything and to make sure that the ankle can continue to work properly.


Many people suffer from arthritis as they age. Increased activity and trauma can add to the likelihood of suffering osteoarthritis in the ankle joint. This can make walking increasingly painful.