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April 25, 2023
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April 25, 2023
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Brachymetatarsia Surgery

Brachymetatarsia is a condition in which one or more of the metatarsal bones in the foot are abnormally short, causing the affected toe to appear shorter than the others. In some cases, brachymetatarsia can cause pain or discomfort, as well as difficulties with balance and gait.

Brachymetatarsia surgery is a procedure that is used to lengthen the affected metatarsal bone or bones, in order to improve the appearance and function of the foot. The specific surgical approach used will depend on the severity of the condition and the individual’s unique needs.

In general, brachymetatarsia surgery involves making a small incision in the affected area and using a surgical tool to cut through the bone. The bone is then gradually lengthened using a specialized device, which is attached to the bone and adjusted over time to encourage new bone growth. In some cases, bone grafts may be used to help support the new bone growth.

After the surgery, patients will typically need to wear a special brace or cast to protect the foot and promote healing. Physical therapy may also be recommended to help improve range of motion and strength in the affected foot.

As with any surgery, there are risks associated with brachymetatarsia surgery, including infection, bleeding, nerve damage, and poor wound healing. However, for many individuals with brachymetatarsia, surgery can be an effective way to improve foot function and quality of life. It is important to consult with a healthcare provider to determine if brachymetatarsia surgery is the right option for you.  Call Houston’s Foot Doc Sherman Nagler Today.