Arthritis Treatment Houston

Arthritis Treatment in Houston

Foot Houston’s foot Specialists truly are the best when it comes to arthritis treatment in Houston. In arthritis, the cartilage begins to crack and erode, resulting in bone rubbing on bone. Since this is painful, extra bone is laid down at the edges of the joint to try and stop movement and any other arthritis symptoms. This is why arthritic joints are often enlarged. When arthritis affects one’s big toe, it loses movement, becomes stiff and can bring about pain, alter the way one walks and limit the heel height of the shoes one can wear. Each and every Houston podiatrist at our clinic knows ins and outs of podiatry treatments. They will tell everything from arthritis symptoms to causes of arthritis.

Our surgeons have completed undergraduate, professional and post-graduate surgical residency training. Their extensive training continues yearly since they attend continuing medical education courses in podiatric medicine, surgery, biomechanics and specialized techniques. They are known to do a great job when it comes to foot surgery.

Each and every podiatrist at our clinic have spent years in medical practice specializing in ailments including foot pain, foot surgery, ankle pain and other foot problem like bunions. They take pride in their patients well being and make their visits pleasant. Our goal is to offer timely, personal care for your foot or ankle problem to allow you to quickly return to pain free activity.

If you are looking for the best Houston Arthritis specialist, then give us a call right away. Our podiatrist will certainly do a great job.

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