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knee-surgeryBefore choosing any kind of surgery you need to know every little detail about it. Surgery is not a minor thing; in fact you have to be mentally prepared to undergo it. Foot and ankle surgeries are normal in today’s busy lifestyle.

People who are often exposed to mild or severe injuries or even intolerable pain are recommended ankle surgery because most people try to neglect such problems and sporadic pain, which may lead to severe problem later on.

When people accidentally twist their ankle, the upper part of the ankle can sometimes fracture (broken). This is a more serious injury that also affects your shinbone and/or calf bone. The ligaments are often torn too, as well as the cartilage might also be damaged. The foot becomes swollen and painful. It can no longer hold any weight. It takes several days or weeks for the swelling to go down completely depending on the injury. It can take months for the ankle joint to fully recover from the fracture. Living with a painful ankle is very difficult and if your condition is severe then you will find it extremely difficult to carry out your daily chores and activities.

Feet as well as the ankle carry the weight of the body and are constantly in use. Patients suffering from a bunion, hammertoe, chronic sprains, and flat feet can be considered to undergo an ankle or a feet surgery. Severe ankle strains and long-term pain in the region, particularly among competitive athletes and working people who move around too much, may need immediate surgery to repair and tighten the damaged ligaments and attached muscles.

Depending on the type of surgery, the recovery time differs. With the advancement in science, recovery times are much faster now and get you up on your feet and moving again with minimal pain. There are several possible advantages of ankle surgery. These include:

Freedom from pain for a longer term
Uninterrupted and better mobility
Improved quality of life because everyday activities and exercise are easier.

Post your ankle surgery there are some important things that you can do for yourself to help the healing of your ankle. You need to have nutritious food; intake of proteins, vitamin C, fish/krill oil and Collagen supplements is a must.

For better results you need to quit smoking and keep a check on your weight. Rest is very important.

Too much of anything will be harmful so try not to overuse them as they are still delicate. Be sure that you get an adequate amount of sleep; 6-8 uninterrupted hours per night after your procedure because it is a well known that sleep is the best medicine for healing. Your body repairs itself best when at rest. The doctor who has performed the Ankle Surgery in Houston will give any further post op instructions as needed.

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