All About Ankle Compression Sleeves for Injured Athletes

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May 21, 2019
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Injured Athletes

If you play sports, you will realize the likelihood that an injury can occur. This is especially true while running, leaping, and making contact with other athletes. There isn’t a body part that is more vulnerable on the field, court, or track than the foot and ankle.

If you have recently injured your ankle, or are worried about the possibility in the future, you can wear ankle compression sleeves, also known as ankle braces or ankle compression braces.

Ankle compression sleeves are sock-like garments that are meant to be pulled over or wrapped around your ankle. There are a number of different types of ankle braces, many of which are designed to treat or prevent a specific foot injury, whether it is a shin splint, calf cramp, or Achilles tendon sprain. While some are simply pulled on like a pair of socks, others come with laces or Velcro straps depending on the fabric used.

Ankle compression sleeves can either be prescribed to you where ankle surgery Houston takes place or bought at your nearest sporting goods store. Here are all the benefits that ankle compression sleeves have to offer.

Support and Protect Ankle Joints

Compression sleeves keep your foot straight and stabilized, ensuring that every movement in the foot won’t cause further injury.

Trying to walk on an untreated injured ankle can be rather dangerous, as your foot doesn’t have the balance or strength that a foot typically has. With ankle compression sleeves, however, your foot has more support, allowing you to get on your feet faster and perhaps start training sooner too.

Ankle compression sleeves also improve blood flow and will allow blood to get to your foot. This will allow the muscles in your foot to continue to receive oxygen and thus receive energy like normal.

Reduce Pain and Swelling in The Ankle

Ankle compression sleeves do not cure foot injuries, but they do allow the pain and swelling to subside faster than normal. Recovering from ankle injuries can be very painful and discomforting, and while the RICE technique is the basic method of alleviating swollen body parts, ankle compression sleeves can further treat swollen ankles.

Ankle compression sleeves are meant to be comfortable to wear, too, so many patients feel comfortable the moment they start to wear them, allowing them to relax through otherwise pulsating pain.
If pain or swelling does not go away after wearing compression sleeves for a period of time, it would be wise to get assistance from your podiatrist or physician.

Decrease the Chance of Injury

Ankle compression sleeves are made to protect the ankle from re-injury, as it is technically also a barrier between the foot and outside forces. A compressive sleeve should provide moderate protection for your ankle, with a low chance of reaggravating an injury.

As the compression sleeve is worn, the foot can usually only do basic movements. This is good, as it helps to prevent the ankle from rolling, twisting, or moving abnormally, even when it is in the middle of rehabilitating your foot.

Ankle compression sleeves are to be worn in a period spanning from 10 days to 6 weeks. They really benefit athletes by helping them train while injured and help get them back out on the field sooner.

It is recommended that you only wear ankle compression sleeves during an injury recovery period, rather than wear them regularly to prevent injuries. Your ankle can actually get weaker by wearing ankle compression sleeves every day. To prevent recurring ankle injuries from happening contact your podiatrist or physician to find out what he or she recommends for you.