8 Things You Should Know About Foot Corns

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October 15, 2020
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November 20, 2020
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Foot Corns

Corns are thick areas of skin that developed from constant rubbing, pressure on the skin or friction. They are formed in patches of dead skin with a small plug toward the center. They usually appear on the tops and sides of toes and can make walking painful. They form in several places on your feet, such as between your toes, below your toenail bed, on the sides of your feet and on the bottoms of your feet.

They develop from wearing shoes that are too tight on your feet. If you walk or stand for long periods, the weight of your body and the constant friction can cause painful corns on the bottoms of your feet. They can be treated, and you can even prevent future ones. In severe cases, seeing a podiatrist is recommended as they are specializes in foot conditions.

Foot Corns

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