Yes, Children have Foot Problems Too

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March 23, 2019
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Kids aren’t “little adults.”

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of raising one (or several!), you of course know this already. Their brains, their bodies, their emotions and logic, decision making—they’re all still developing and maturing from one state into another.

You simply can’t treat a child the same way you treat an adult and expect the same result.
Well, that’s 100% true when it comes to caring for a child’s feet, too.

A Different Kind of Foot Care

Nagler Foot Center with Dr. Sherman Nagler is often very different from the work we do with adults—and not because kids lack the “maturity” of their elders. (Actually, some kids are a lot braver than some of their parents and grandparents usually are!)

It’s actually more that kids’ feet are just plain different from that of adults. Their bones may not have hardened yet. Their arches may still be developing. In some cases, the position and rotation of their bones are still slowly “unwinding” from their fetal configuration!

As a result, kids experience very different kinds of foot and ankle issues and conditions than adults do, and treating them properly requires a different set of techniques.
On the plus side, many (though certainly not all) childhood foot problems can be self-correcting. Kids are resilient, and they bounce back from injuries very quickly.
But having said that, it’s also imperative that we do identify more serious childhood foot problems quickly, a critical foot or ankle flaw the develops in childhood and isn’t treated promptly could mean anything from a higher risk of injury, faster foot fatigue, earlier onset of arthritis or bunions—all sorts of lifelong problems that could drastically limit their health and quality of life. Call Houston’s Foot Doc Today. 713.529.1010