Why Visit a Podiatrist?

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December 1, 2022
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December 30, 2022
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Why Visit a Podiatrist?

Diabetes and arthritis are two long-term medical illnesses that can cause foot and ankle issues, but even events like overuse or ill-fitting shoes can cause brief, acute pain. A podiatrist is more likely to provide you with quicker diagnosis and treatment suggestions. Podiatrists offer a variety of medical treatments for issues involving the foot, ankle, and lower leg. They carry out surgery, as well as illness diagnosis and treatment. Following are some situations where a podiatrist can assist you in getting back on your feet.

You’re Beginning to Run Frequently Now

Shin splints and other aches and pains are particularly common in runners. A podiatrist in Houston can examine your feet and body to identify potential issues and suggest preventive measures. They might also indicate the ideal style of sporting footwear for your foot.

Your Ankles or Feet Are Aching in the Joints

One of the most prevalent diseases afflicting Americans is arthritis. Disability can result from arthritis, which can alter how the feet function. Consult a podiatrist if the joints in your feet are frequently swollen, red, stiff, or sore. A podiatrist might recommend procedures to maintain joint health and ease day-to-day activities.

Your Activities Are Being Limited by Heel Pain

Heel discomfort can have a variety of causes. You can have a heel spur, which is a bony growth on the heel. Or there could be inflammation in one of the tendons that attach to the heel. Consult a podiatrist for a diagnosis if your heel pain lasts for a long time. They will examine your feet and perhaps suggest getting an  X-rays. Making an accurate diagnosis is the first step in creating a treatment strategy.

Your Ingrown Toenail is Tenacious

An ingrown nail that develops when a toenail grows into the epidermis might become infected. Ingrown toenails typically affect the big toe. Visit a podiatrist for treatment if a toenail is swollen, red or your toe is in pain. The doctor may occasionally remove a portion of the nail. Your doctor will recommend medications if the region is infected.

You Think You May Have a Broken Bone, Sprained, or Both

Sprains, strains, and broken bones in the foot or ankle are all conditions that podiatrists are skilled at treating. They can identify your wound and make treatment recommendations. A podiatrist can make a flexible cast to aid in the healing process. A podiatrist should be seen if there is swelling, difficulty walking, redness, or growing pain following an injury.

Your Feet Require Surgery

Surgery is frequently the last course of treatment a podiatrist suggests for many foot disorders. However, podiatrists can conduct foot and ankle surgery if necessary. Ingrown toenails that keep coming back, bunions, and shattered bones are a few conditions that could need surgery.

Call us immediately if you are experiencing a serious issue that has been bothering you for days and don’t know who to visit other than your general doctor! Being the best podiatrist in town, we will make sure that all problems are resolved no matter what.