When using crutches, does it matter how long they are?

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September 23, 2021
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When you need crutches, it’s important to take steps to properly fit them. In this article, we are going to offer some tips for fitting your crutches properly.

Steps to Fit Crutches

  1. Ensure you are standing tall and wearing shoes you will walk in.
  2. Place rubber pads on bottom of crutches to prevent slipping.
  3. You want the top of the crutches to be ~2 inches (two fingers) below your armpits.
  4. When you grab the handgrips, there should be a slight (20-30 degree angle) bend of the elbows. When you are standing with your arm straight the hand grips should be at your wrists.
  5. The hand grips of the crutches should be even with the tops of your hips.
  6. Crutch length from top to bottom should equal armpit to six inches in front of foot.
  7. Crutches should be about 4-6 inches outside of shoes.

Some Helpful Tips

If the crutches are too high: it will feel like you are pole vaulting over the crutches with each step.

If the crutches are too short: it will result in you leaning forward which can lead to back, shoulder, and/or neck pain.


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