When To Get Surgery For an Ankle Injury?

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Surgery For an Ankle Injury

Injuring your ankle can be hurtful. What would you do to fix it? Well, there are conservative measures that can help you fix those injuries. But sometimes, you need something more complex and serious, like surgery.

Your ankle injury could be a sprain or something that requires surgical repair.

You can get ankle surgery Houston, but before that, seek medical help from an experienced podiatrist. They would tell you whether your situation requires surgery or not.

Meanwhile, we’re here to share who needs ankle surgery for their injury. Keep reading to learn more.

What’s an ankle injury?

Before we get to the surgery aspect, you should know that an ankle injury is when the ankle twists or goes out of place. It’s called dislocation. If you play aggressive sports, there is a chance you will hurt your ankle. It is also possible that walking on an uneven space or wearing high heels could give you an ankle injury.

These injuries can be acute or chronic. Acute injuries could be a sprain, strain, ligament injury, or fracture of the bones. Chronic injuries happen when you overuse the ankle. In this, you could develop a tendonitis condition.

If you are seeing swelling, bruising, or pain, you must meet with your podiatrist.

When to get surgery for your ankle injury?

Ankle injuries can be fixed. If it is swelling or pain, the doctor can give you medications and some tips to bring down the swelling.

So, when exactly should you get surgery for your ankle injury? We will tell you! If your ankle is unstable most times, there is something wrong, and you need to get it fixed. In case the ankle is out of place, it has to be moved back into place surgically. Speak to the surgeon about the possibilities, cost, and after-effects.

Second, if you have hurt the ligaments, then you need to get surgery. Damaged ligaments cause serious damage, and can cause your ankle to become unstable. At such times, you need surgery.

Third, there may be bone damage due to the ankle injury. The bones may have dislocated when damaged, so you need surgery to get them back in place.

Meet a Podiatrist Today Before Deciding To Get Surgery

Don’t jump and meet just any old podiatrist.

A good podiatrists can diagnose the problem and then suggest the best solution for your problem.

You will realize that some ankle injuries get better with time. And others need surgical intervention.