What are shin splints?

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November 4, 2016
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November 15, 2016
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People come in with sore shins or pain in the shins, which is described as pain along the inner (medial) edge of the shin bone of the leg.  Some complain of shin pain, inner (medial) calf and shin pain. Shin splints are achy pain areas that occur with during or after over exertion or exercise and are aggravated by sticking your thumb into the shin bone and pressing down.

The symptoms of shin splints are not like that of the shin injuries you get from getting kicked in the shin. Shin splints or the medical term, medial tibial pain that’s why they call it tibial medial stress syndrome because there is too much medial tibial stress.

Aren’t Shin Splints Only For Athletes?

The answer is NO!

When I tell patients this pain in the front lower leg is shin splints they ask me what is a shin splint? The say, “I thought you only get shin splints from running.” Most think shin splints are more common in sports like track and field, distance running, basketball, and soccer. Shin splits can happen anytime.

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