Dr. Sherman Nagler performs a Hammertoe Surgery
March 19, 2015
January 29, 2016
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item-thumbnailDid you resolve to extercise more this year? Stop. Read this first.

Most of us end the holiday season resolved to make more time for exercise in the New Year. It was the silent promise we made to ourselves, the pact that gave us permission to eat just one more. Houston’s Foot Doc, Dr. Sherman Nagler, warns, “Don’t do too much too soon.”

“I admire passionate commitment, but this time of year is when we see a lot of foot and ankle injuries occur that we could have easily helped to prevent.”

Dr. Nagler says that some aches and soreness should be expected with a new or intensified training routine, but if you are approaching activity gradually, with adequate stretching, those pains should fade fairly quickly. If your exercise routine has left any lingering discomfort, schedule an appointment at the Nagler Foot Center.

Instead of a salesperson, trust your podiatrist to help you choose the best footwear, sized and suited to fit your unique foot-shape and favorite activities. Your doctor will not only identify and relieve the cause of any pain, but will also share the personalized advice and information you need to prevent injury in the future.

If exercise is a part of your plans for 2016, contact the Nagler Foot Center for your evaluation or contact us with any questions by phone at 713-893-5620 or email. Dr. Nagler and his team of podiatric specialists can help you keep your 2016 promises – especially the ones to yourself.