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February 25, 2022
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Do you know how much you walk in your lifetime? It is estimated that the average person walks around 100,000 miles during-the course of their lifetime. That is equivalent to walking the earth four times along the equator. This should show you the importance of your feet in your life, which are very easy to ignore until they start to hurt. Due to the tremendous stress that they experience, it is likely that they will be injured, or you will experience pain in the feet, especially in the heel region, at least once in your lifetime. These issues, if minor, are preventable with proper care. Here are a few tips to prevent foot pain, though, if you experience unbearable heel pain in the Houston area, we recommend you visit us for a detailed checkup.

Maintain Appropriate Weight

The feet bear the weight of the entire body. Therefore, the higher the weight they support, the higher the stress on them. Sometimes even a few extra pounds can affect the way the foot functions, which may trigger pain in your heels and ankles. Doctors suggest maintaining an appropriate weight for height and age to avoid foot pain in the future. Low impact sports like swimming are encouraged if foot pain prevents you from exercising for weight loss.

Enhance Flexibility

As you get older, the calf muscles will tighten, adding a lot of pressure on the balls of your feet. Stretching the calf muscles regularly can prevent foot pain in the long term. Doing a simple exercise, where you stand on a step on your toes with heels off the edge, and slowly lower the heels, holding for 10 seconds before lifting is up to the starting position is recommended. This needs to be repeated at least 5 to 10 times in a single round and done three to four times a day. Do not force your heel farther than it wants to go.

Avoid Wearing High Heels Regularly

Though heels enhance your outfit, they wreak havoc on the feet. Squeezing the feet into pointy-toed heels can cause a lot of ailments. In fact, wearing heels are the primary cause of heel pain jn Houston for most women. Studies have found that it takes around an hour of wearing heels before the pain kicks in.

Wear Properly Fitted Shoes

Wearing ill-fitted shoes can cause severe pain, deformed toes, corns, calluses, and other painful problems. It is always better to get your feet properly measured before buying shoes. Doctors often do not recommend buying shoes on the Internet since you cannot check the proper fitting. Instead, you should prefer going to a reputable shoe store to get your feet measured and buy footwear that fits.

Stay Hydrated

Sudden foot cramps can be very painful. Of the several reasons that cause feet to cramp, dehydration or dietary imbalance is the most common. Therefore, make sure to drink sufficient fluids, especially around the time you exercise. Another common reason for foot cramps is the lack of potassium in the body, so add bananas, spinach, or other Potassium-rich food into your diet.

There are several reasons why one can experience pain in the feet. Though it is mostly due to a bad lifestyle or minor issues, sometimes it can be a symptom of an underlying problem. It is always better to get it checked by a podiatrist to be sure. If you are in the Houston area and need a trusted doctor to look at your feet, schedule an appointment online with us, and our experienced doctors will help you get rid of your ailment.