The Importance of Wearing Socks and What to Look For

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Many teens and young adults have been abandoning socks due to the different feel it gives, saving time, or another reasons. But, trust us when we say that so long as you are wearing shoes, you will also need to wear socks.

If you continue to wear shoes without any socks for a long period of time, your feet will be exposed to both pain and bacteria, requiring attention from your foot doctor in Houston. You will also develop blisters and other foot problems. The fabric of the shoe will be certain to rub against your sole to create friction, leaving bumps on the bottom of your feet that cause irritable pain.

Socks were simply designed to serve as an inner layer for shoes. One of the big reasons why socks are worn is so that your feet stay protected inside your shoes. Here are all the types of everyday socks that you can buy:


Cotton is one of the most popular types of socks, because they can be worn for both everyday use and for physical activities, thanks to their flexibility, softness, and durability. Cotton socks are also light, breathable, and can come in all kinds of colors. These socks typically do the job keeping your feet comfortable and preventing moisture from getting inside.


Wool socks are mostly for cold weather, but they can also be worn year-round, too. Wool typically does a better job than cotton at insulating, and it even can still insulate when wet. Wool also dries faster and is more odor-resistant. These socks are also durable, thick, and look appealing. The caveat is that some argue that they aren’t as comfortable to wear compared to cotton.

Merino wool is arguably one of the best types of wool for socks. They are very soft and keeps moisture away from the feet. If you are looking for wool socks, Merino is the first thing to look for when shopping.


Cushioned socks can also be cotton socks, but not all cotton socks are cushioned socks. With cushioned socks, you have more padding in the heel and toe areas which allow more shock absorption when doing activities such as running or jogging.
With many other socks, they cannot keep you from developing foot pain if you are walking around all day. So, if you have to be on your feet often, you should look for cushioned socks, as they can help prevent and alleviate foot pain that comes from hours of standing, walking, or exercise.


Compression socks have been rising in popularity, as they help with blood circulation. If you have swelling in your feet, or have problems getting blood to them, these socks can definitely work for you. Compression socks are the tightest and most elastic of socks, and they are meant to fit snugly around the foot.


What about a sock that is dress code appropriate for work? Modal socks are what you are after, then. These are very soft and durable socks, like cotton, but they can fit comfortably inside dress shoes. The thing to look out for, however, is that they need to be washed at the end of the day, but considering you likely want a new pair the next day anyway, that may not be a problem.