Sweaty Feet May Be More Serious Than You Thought.Here is why

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There are hundreds of thousands of sweat glands in our feet. Every day, these feet normally produce about half a pint of moisture. This large concentration of sweat glands means that you are more likely to sweat profusely from your feet than any other body part.

There are certain causes for you to sweat excessively, especially in your feet. You can sweat as a genetics disorder, if you are pregnant, obese, injured, or if you develop a certain condition.

One reason why you could sweat so much, according to the best podiatrists Houston has to offer, is because it is a trait that you have picked up from one or both of your parents. If you have been known to sweat from your feet for as long as you can remember, and so do your parents, there is a great probability that this condition is hereditary.

You also might have a medical condition that can lead to hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is also known as excessive sweating, not only from the feet, either. If you have certain cancer, diabetes, heart disease, shingles, or even infections like HIV and malaria, you can also regularly sweat profusely, as a result.

People who are obese or overweight are highly likely to develop Type 2 diabetes, low blood sugar, heart disease, and other conditions that cause sweating of the feet. People of healthy weight who have these conditions do not sweat for this reason.

Sweating during pregnancy is completely normal. If you happen to be sweating while pregnant, there is nothing to worry about. A rush in hormones, blood flow, and metabolism can cause the body to warm up, and then sweat while you try to cool back down.

Medical professionals and podiatrists from Houston will typically conduct a starch-iodine test to diagnose cases of excessive sweating if the cause of it is something that they cannot figure out on their own. A solution of iodine is applied to the soles of your feet and dried off. Next, cornstarch is applied over the feel. If the solution turns dark blue in color, the patient is confirmed to have hyperhidrosis.

Before you choose a medical treatment that will cure excessive sweating of your feet, there are things to consider doing to be sure that you do not need any procedures done.