Should I See a Podiatrist?

Treatments: Foot Pain
August 16, 2016
Dr. Sherman Nagler – Tarsal Tunnel Decompression
October 21, 2016
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Have you ever seen a podiatrist?

If you answered “no…”

YES, you should visit The Nagler Foot Center for an examination and personalized consultation.

Do you know what kind of athletic shoe is best for your feet?

If you answered “no….”

YES, you should visit The Nagler Foot Center for guidance from a medically trained foot specialist and board certified podiatric surgeon. Instead of a salesperson, trust your podiatrist to help you choose the best footwear.

Do you have pain from bunions, corns or hammertoes?

If you answered “yes…”

YES, you should visit Nagler Foot Center and “Houston’s Foot Doc,” Dr. Sherman Nagler. An experienced foot surgeon, Dr. Nagler’s special surgical technique avoids pain and scaring.

Has your tween or teen become involved in athletics? Is your toddler due for a checkup to check in?

If you answered “yes…”

YES, schedule a visit with Dr. Nagler and Houston’s foot specialists at Nagler Foot Center. A child’s foot development should be evaluated at these checkpoints

9-15 months – beginning to walk
3 years – using “heel-toe” gait
6 years – begin school and/or organized sports

Do you have any patches of painfully cracking dry skin with a whitish discoloration?

If you answered “yes

YES, schedule and appointment to visit your podiatrist. These symptoms might signal a fungal infection treated easily with the PinPointe FootLaser at Nagler Foot Center

If you have ailments including foot pain, surgery, ankle pain and other foot problems. Call 713-893-5620 or visit for assistance.