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March 2, 2021
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March 12, 2021
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What Is a Sesamoid Injury?

A Sesamoid injury may involve just the joint or can include the bones, tendons, and surrounding tissue as well. Sesamoid injuries are commonly associated with over-use by athletes, and with repetitive, high-pressure activities, such as running, ballet, basketball, golf, tennis, football, and any other activity that generates high stress on the balls of the feet. High-heeled shoes, which also create pressure on the balls of the feet, can also cause a Sesamoid injury, as can uncommonly high arches in the feet. Call Houston’s Foot Doc Sherman Nagler for all your foot problems.


· Pain is focused under the great toe on the ball of the foot. With sesamoiditis, pain may develop gradually; with a fracture, pain will be immediate.

· Swelling and bruising may or may not be present.

· You may experience difficulty and pain in bending and straightening the great toe.


· Treatment is generally non-operative. However, if conservative measures fail, Dr. Nagler may recommend surgery to remove the sesamoid bone.

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