Reasons You May Need Ankle Surgery

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March 31, 2022
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There are times when you may feel like foot pain will never go away. It is crippling and leaves us with experiences that can only be described as excruciating. These experiences are becoming increasingly common in everyday life for Texans, especially for those suffering from injuries or arthritis. Everyday activities like walking, running, or even sleeping can become difficult with foot and ankle pain and can only be treated with surgery. There are a few signs that indicate that you may need ankle or foot surgery.

Worsening or Persistent Pain

Foot and ankle injuries usually heal over time. This is aided by plenty of rest and refraining from doing any activities that involve too much movement. However, if the pain doesn’t subside or continues to worsen, you should consider getting an appointment with a podiatrist or an orthopedic surgeon.

Lack of Relief

Sometimes, exercises, walking aids, or medications are given to people who suffer from ankle or foot pain to ease the pain. However, sometimes these methods are not always effective. When the pain doesn’t subside, and even medications don’t seem to provide any relief, the only other option that your orthopedic surgeon or podiatrist may suggest to you is surgery.

Lack of Mobility

Ankle surgery is the most recommended option when a person becomes incapable of movement due to an ailment or injury in the ankle or even deterioration of ankle muscles due to old age. With age, it becomes difficult for muscles and joints to gain back their old flexibility and therefore require external support for sufficient mobility.

Pain Triggered by Change in Weather Conditions

Sometimes weather conditions may trigger pain in joints in the foot and ankle of a person. The discomfort worsens or begins during cold or humid days. This happens when the cartilage from bones inside the joints becomes worn down; the nerves become sensitive to the pressure change in the temperature. It stops people from enjoying their life to the fullest. In such conditions, ankle surgery in Houston provides a solution to the problem.

Pain Preventing You from Sleeping

It is believed that relieving the pressure off the foot and resting will relieve foot and ankle pain. However, sometimes the pain persists through sleep, making it difficult for them to rest and relax. It can even become difficult to fall asleep because the pain is constant. If that happens, it is time to go to your orthopedic surgeon, who may recommend surgery.

Your foot and ankle should not be hurting you. If you live in the Houston area and have concerns over your ankle or feet health, you should visit our center, and our podiatrists will certainly offer relevant foot and ankle treatment and offer you the best quality of care. You can also schedule an appointment with us online with our expert doctors.