Questions to Ask When Looking for A Podiatrist

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Podiatrists, as you likely know by now, are specialty doctors that specifically treat problems with the feet. If you are having common foot problems, then it would be best that you find one and make an appointment as soon as possible.

There are many podiatrists that work in the Houston area, but it’s wise that you don’t automatically schedule an appointment with the first one you see, unless you have an emergency problem that needs care right away. If that’s not the case, however, you will want to find out about a number of podiatrists around you and compare them to one another.

When searching for a podiatrist in Houston, there are many places that you can look. You can first search the internet for a number of podiatrists that are in business. Additionally, there are other podiatrists that your doctor and/or insurance company might know of. Depending on who your insurance company is, there might be a podiatrist that participates in the plan you have. If you choose a podiatrist that is out of your plan, there is a chance that your insurance won’t cover the costs. You will not want to get treatment and then later end up having to pay the full amount.

After finding a number of podiatrists, you can call them or email them with a series of questions that you may have. It’s very rare that they will have the exact same answers for you. Important questions include the following:

“Are you accepting new patients?”. Surprisingly, some doctors will limit how many patients they have and stop accepting new ones. If they are full, ask them if they know of any other podiatrists’ they can refer you to.

“Where are you located?”. You might be able to find their address, but this is still a question worth asking. Some patients prefer a convenient address near home or work, as having to travel far wouldn’t be ideal for them, especially for foot problems.

“What are your office hours?”. Important to ask, as you would like to schedule an appointment in which you are free. Some podiatrists can accommodate to people’s work hours and offer appointments on weekends and evenings.

“How long can I get an appointment?”. Some podiatrists will be busier than others, depending on their schedule and clientele. If it takes only a week or so to get an appointment, then that is not bad. Waiting for a month or longer may not be worthwhile if you have a foot problem that needs attention sooner rather than later. You can also inquire about emergency services, as well.

“Do you offer x-rays?”. Some people tend to avoid x-rays, as they cost extra without insurance. If they are covered with insurance, however, they can be extremely convenient. If you want x-rays to be taken for your foot problems, but the podiatrist doesn’t have a machine to take them, it could be inconvenient for you to get x-rayed someplace else. If you can see a podiatrist who can also take x-rays, it will save you a trip.

“Are you certified?”. Experience matters with podiatrists, especially if you are looking to get surgery. You would like to know their certification, as well as how often they have performed the type of surgery you need for your foot.