Laser Treatments End Recurring Fungal Infections

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April 18, 2016
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April 29, 2016
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Fungi are all around us. It’s commonly found in the environment and so very delicious in marinara sauce! Most fungus is harmless… unless it invades the skin through a minor cut or irritation and causes a bacterial infection. Toenails are easily susceptible to fungal infection, according to Houston podiatrist and foot surgeon, Dr. Sherman Nagler.

The dark, moist atmosphere inside shoes nurtures fungus growth, while the nail serves as a protective shield, preventing treatments from reaching the infection. Traditional medication and topical ointments are unable to eliminate it completely. Without effective treatment, the sickly-colored, foul smelling, debris thrives, growing more unsightly and more painful.

Are you prone to chronic, recurring fungal infections?

The Nagler Foot Center can destroy all traces of the harmful fungus, preventing recurrence, during a single, pain-free, 30-minute, in-office procedure. The PinPointe FootLaser is the first FDA-approved laser treatment to effectively treat fungal infection. Micropulses of light target and kill fungus living in or under the nail without damaging the surrounding, healthy tissue.

Contact the Nagler Foot Center at 713-893-5620 or visit to schedule an appointment for laser therapy with Houston podiatrist, Sherman Nagler, M.D. This summer, wear open-toe sandals with confidence, showing off clear, fungi-free toenails and beautiful, healthy feet.