How Do You Spot and Treat Bunions?

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September 8, 2022
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Spot and Treat Bunions

You have heard about bunions. Have you seen one? It is rather a painful bump on the side of the big toe. It looks ugly and they are uncomfortable, juat ask someone that truly knows.

Some people get confused about whether they have a bunion or it’s something else. In this quick post, we will tell you how to spot and treat a bunion. If you have bunion pain in Houston, surgery is possible, but first, skim this post and find everything you need to know about this condition.

How to Spot a Bunion?

A bunion can be found at the side of your foot. They can be inflamed and look like a red bump, so it will not be a major task to spot the bunion. Moreover, you will find that your big toe is turning towards the other toe.

Another sign of a bunion is feeling thick skin at the side of your toe. This feels thick and hard, so you will know something is wrong with your foot. There is visible redness too.

You may have difficulty moving your foot, and there is persistent pain as well. Basically, spotting a bunion is not a hard task at all. You must keep watch and follow some basic after-care to handle the bunion situation.

Causes of a Bunion

There are a few reasons that could cause bunions. One of them is, ‘it’s in your genes.’ Others say that it could be the faulty structure of your foot.
Having flat feet could be another reason. So, you have to check with a doctor, and they will ask about your family history and might see the shape of your foot. They will also see if there are any deformities.

Bunions Get Worse When:

If you wear tight shoe time and again, there is a chance the bunions will get worse. Avoid wearing extremely tight or shoes thst are to small as these can aggravate the situation.

Shoes with chunky or pointed heels force your toes to stick together. This can make the bunions’ condition worse.

When you have bunions, avoid standing for too long or walking long distances.

How Do You Treat Bunion?

Prevention is better than cure – that’s what most people say. However, you do have the option of surgery in Houston.

There are good doctors who will handle the case and ensure that your bunion reduces in size or suggest surgery.

Surgery may involve correcting the position of your big toe. The doctor might remove the swollen tissue too. So, meet the doctor first, and then you will know what method will work best in your case. Never let it go untreated because it could lead to further issues.

If you spot bunions and they are painful, simply check with a doctor. Removing the bunions will make your life simple and stress-free. You can walk freely, run, and wear as many high heels as you like.

With bunions on your toes, you might have issues living your life freely. Get rid of those painful bumps!