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March 1, 2021
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March 2, 2021
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Pain from hammertoes usually occurs when shoes rub on the prominent portion of the toe. The result is inflammation and possibly corns, calluses or ulceration.

Early on in the process of forming a hammertoe, the toe remains flexible, and will straighten when pressure is applied to the buckled area. As time passes, the toe can become permanently contracted and rigid. Painful calluses on the bottom of the foot may accompany rigid hammertoes because of increased pressure generated on the joint due to the contracted toe. Call Nagler Foot Center for all your foot ailments.

We call most contracted toes hammertoes but they can be defined into 3 areas. Mallet toe – contracted at joint end of toe. Hammer toe – contracted at base of toe. Claw toe – contracted at both joints in the toe. See pictures below.








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