Houston’s Foot Doc goes back home to lecture to colleagues in New York.

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June 25, 2016
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Dr. Sherman Nagler, Houston’s Foot Doc was recently asked to speak at the annual New York Foot and Ankle Conference. This was a very special privilege for Dr. Nagler, since he not only grew up in New York but he also received his degree in Podiatric Medicine there. The New York Foot and Ankle Conference is not only about education but it is surgically intensive symposium. This conference was tailor-made for Podiatrists, like Dr. Nagler, who come face to face with the challenges of seeing patients with complex foot and ankles issues, sports injuries and reconstructive procedures. Dr. Nagler was asked to speak on a procedure that he has perfected through the years. He along with many other world-renowned Podiatric Surgeons spoke on various topics around acute and chronic problems of the foot and ankle.

Symposiums and conferences help podiatrists, like Dr. Sherman Nagler, learn about new techniques and hear success stories on difficult cases from other doctors. Dr. Nagler is no stranger to difficult cases. The majority of the cases that Dr. Nagler sees are ones of complex and deforming conditions that affect the foot and ankle. Many of Dr. Nagler patients come to him with little to no hope. Due to his numerous years of practice, dedication to continuing his education and speaking on the troublesome cases he encounters, he is able to give great hope to the patients he sees.

Houston’s Foot Doc Sherman Nagler

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