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April 21, 2017
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April 22, 2017
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With that in mind, we find ourselves amidst a new string of busy everyday life. And at the end of our day, we lay our heads down to sleep-in with a pillow under our heads and a blanket over our bodies.

However the question remains, treating your feet right is an important thing to do. Don’t forget about the part of your body that carries you everywhere.

What about Our Feet?

Much of the time, your feet work just as hard as your head does. And in fact, sometimes even harder.

As your feet being your extremity, it is the first to lose circulation in cold weather. It also is your support mechanism for your entire body weight. So much, that sometimes those that have “flat feet” start to develop a “hammertoe” style walking pattern. (Which is common for those who go untreated with no or little foot arch). So that brings us back to the fact, why don’t we treat our feet as good as the rest of our bodies?

Take time to be good to your feet! They carry you all over Texas and everywhere you go!

Is it a lack of time, or because they are always covered up and are “out of sight, out of mind” per say? Well, whatever the reason, make this year a time to treat your feet right. Whether it’s wearing a pair of clean spacious comfortable shoes, or soaking your feet for an hour at night while you unwind.

Because, really your feet are the tell tale body part of your overall health.

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Have a Great Year.