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August 6, 2018
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August 14, 2018
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While many people will experience a harmless tingling sensation in their feet at some point in their life, in some cases this may be a sign of a potentially serious underlying condition.  Neuropathy, or a loss of sensation that commonly occurs in the extremities due to diabetes, can cause a tingling sensation in the feet or even numbness.

A number of infections, such as AIDS, leprosy, Lyme disease, and others, can cause a tingling sensation in the feet.  Pregnancy can also cause sensation loss or a “pins and needles” feeling in the feet.  The list of potential causes is large, with some including toxin exposure, alcoholism, vitamin deficiency, vasculitis, and others.  Due to the wide array of potential causes, it is advised that you see a podiatrist who can properly diagnose the cause and provide treatment.

Everyday foot care is very important to prevent infection and other foot ailments. If you need your feet checked, contact Dr. Sherman Nagler with Nagler Foot Center in Houston Texas. Houston’s Foot Doc can provide the care you need to keep you pain-free and on your feet.

Everyday Foot Care

Often, people take care of their bodies, face and hair more so than they do for their feet. But the feet are a very important aspect of our bodies, and one that we should pay more attention to. Without our feet, we would not be able to perform most daily tasks.

It is best to check your feet regularly to make sure there are no new bruises or cuts that you may not have noticed before. For dry feet, moisturizer can easily be a remedy and can be applied as often as necessary to the affected areas. Wearing shoes that fit well can also help you maintain good foot health, as well as making it easier to walk and do daily activities without the stress or pain of ill-fitting shoes, high heels, or even flip flops. Wearing clean socks with closed shoes is important to ensure that sweat and bacteria do not accumulate within the shoe. Clean socks help to prevent Athlete’s foot, fungi problems, bad odors, and can absorb sweat.