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January 12, 2019
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January 15, 2019
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There are many deformities that can develop in the lower extremities of the human body. More specifically, these deformities can be seen in the ankle or foot. People with foot or ankle deformities may have symptoms such as pain, tenderness, swelling, bruising, stiffness in the joint, and/or difficulty walking. These symptoms can vary, depending upon which ailment you’re dealing with. Because each foot/ankle deformity is so different, you will need a professional to assist you in the evaluation of your deformity. Luckily, Foot and Ankle Specialist Houston’s Foot Doc Sherman Nagler, provides treatments for numerous conditions and deformities pertaining to the lower extremities. Contact our office to reach the Best Foot and Ankle surgeon in Houston.

The Foot and Ankle surgeons at Nagler Foot Center are known all around the country and are extensively trained in the diagnoses and treatments of deformities in the foot or ankle. Many people in Houston are undergoing treatment for dysfunction and other foot problem. We ensure that best medical care is provided to them while using state-of-the-art techniques.

Conservative treatments are recommended in stages I and II. In the acute or early stages, treatment is directed at reducing inflammation and removing stress to the tendon in the hope that the damaged tendon will heal. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) may be beneficial in providing pain relief and in reducing inflammation. Oral steroids may be indicated for short-term treatment of the acute inflammation in some patients. Physical therapy may be utilized to resolve inflammation and to strengthen the tendon. Often immobilization may be required with a cast, cam-walker, or braces. For more information please visit our website at 713.529.1010

If you are suffering from Foot and Ankle pain that has not been managed with other treatments, Call us to schedule a consultation to discuss our Foot and Ankle Treatments. 713.529.1010