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May 25, 2016
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May 25, 2016
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Dana Cruz can tell you firsthand how important it is to find the right Podiatrist. Dana went to 4 different doctors and had 7 surgeries before finding Houston Podiatrist Dr. Sherman Nagler. Dana a native of Tomball, was in search of a doctor that could help her after her last doctor said she may have to amputate her toe.

“I lead such an active lifestyle with my children; I could not imagine having to live that way”, said Dana. Dana decided to search for a podiatrist in Houston’s Medical Center. Dana was extremely frustrated and in desperate need of help. She hoped she would have better luck finding a doctor in Houston to help with her constant pain and her inability to do normal everyday activities.

All of her previous doctors could no longer help her nor could they find the root cause of her pain. During her search she came across Houston’s Foot Doc, Dr. Sherman Nagler’s website. His website showcases videos of patient testimonials, surgeries and of his philosophy so that potential patients can get a true look into Dr. Nagler and Nagler Foot Center.

After Dana, saw the website she decided to make an appointment with the anticipation that he would be the one to finally help her. “After seeing so many doctors, I was scared he would say he couldn’t help me either, says Dana.

After her first appointment Dr. Nagler was able to finally give her a diagnosis, she has osteoarthritis. Not only was he able to put a name to her ever persistent pain, but he also was able to tell her that he could help relive her pain and would not have to amputate. After surgery, Dr. Nagler said “She will never be 100 percent but she is able to walk, is much happier and has a better outlook on life. “My foot feels and looks better thanks to Dr. Nagler. He is a god sent. If he can help me, he can help anyone.” says Dana. I think it is safe to say Dana has found the foot doctor that changed her life.

 If you are experiencing any pain or issues to hastate to call Nagler Foot Center today! Feel free from pain with Houston Podiatrists Sherman Nagler.