The Benefits of Getting Bunion Removal Surgery

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Benefits of Getting Bunion Removal Surgery

DIY methods at home don’t work as efficiently as bunion removal and repositioning surgery. That’s why you should find a surgeon that offers Bunions treatment in Houston.

Dive into this article as we will tell you what bunions are and how surgery can benefit you.

What’s a Bunion?

A bunion is also called Hallux Valgus. It’s a bony bump right on the side of your big toe joints. The bumps start growing on the right outside edge of the big toe, and you can see them as a part of the joint where your toe meets the foot. This is known as the MTP joint.

Can You Reduce Bunion Pain at Home?

There are some pain management medications and other methods to reduce bunion pain at home. However, you can’t get rid of the bunions without some medical help.

A surgeon needs to look at how the bunion is positioned, and then they offer you the best solution. It’s not something that can be corrected at home. Luckily, there are some surgical options that you can look at.

Bunions are painful, and the fact that they exist on your foot makes you want to get rid of them immediately. Blame it on tight footwear or activities you indulge in, nobody would like to have a bunion.

The Types of Bunion Surgery

The surgeon may tell you about certain techniques that they opt for while doing the surgery. Some of them are exostectomy wherein the surgeon removes or shaves off your bunion. This is only used for minor bunions and not for the ones that are too large.

Osteotomy procedure is when the surgeon makes a small incision within the bones. For this process, they use pins and screws to realign the big toe joint. It’s the most common technique used by surgeons.

Arthrodesis is the technique in which the surgeon removes a part of the big toe joint which is affected by arthritis. It’s done in serious conditions and not smaller bunions.

Who Needs Bunion Surgery?

Bunion surgery is beneficial for those who are having pain and discomfort during walking or undertaking daily activities. You don’t want to live with pain which is why getting surgery seems like the best option.

Also, a stiff big toe is irritating. It causes inflammation and swelling which doesn’t go away easily. In this case, the person needs to get surgery done to get rid of the swelling or inflammation.