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February 21, 2017
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Have all other forms of non-invasive, arthritis foot care been largely unsuccessful? If so, maybe it’s time that you asked your podiatrist about joint injections. There are 30+ different joints in each person’s foot alone and any one of them may become arthritic over time. Joint injections are an excellent way to target them and bring about pain relief as well as increased flexibility.

physician about Joint injections

The way it works is simple. Podiatrists conduct a few tests to ensure that their patients are suitable candidates for joint injections. Why? Certain conditions like diabetes may make a person ineligible to receive the shots. As long as it’s safe to proceed, the majority of podiatrists will go ahead and order one or more injections.

In most cases, the joint injections are given by Houston Podiatrist Sherman Nagler on an outpatient basis and it doesn’t take long at all for them to administer the shot. However, not all podiatrists allow their patients to leave immediately after the procedure. This is especially the case if the person is borderline diabetic or at risk of experiencing negative side effects. Most podiatrists like to keep those types of patients around the office just long enough to ensure that the injections did not set off negative reactions. Depending on the situation, this may require 10 to 30 minutes of in-office observation.

Afterward, arthritic patients are able to leave their podiatrists’ offices and go on their merry way. Those that have pain at the injection site may be asked to limit their activity a bit and use ice packs to dull the discomfort.

In most instances, injection site tenderness will dissipate within an hour or two and the podiatry patient will experience sweet relief. To learn more about joint injections and find out whether or not they should be a part of your arthritic foot care, please contact Houston’s Foot Doc Sherman Nagler.