After an injury always take it slow and go back to the basics

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April 19, 2017
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Many common injuries that people who exercise regularly face can be traced back to one source: wearing the wrong pair of shoes. To find out what to look for in an all-around athletic shoe, try putting your potential new pair to the 1-2-3 test!

1. Look for a stiff heel. Press on both sides of the heel

It shouldn’t collapse.

2. Check toe flexibility. The shoe should bend with your toes. It shouldn’t be too stiff or bend too much in the toe box area.

3. Select a shoe with a rigid middle. Does your shoe twist?

It shouldn’t – your shoe should never twist in the middle.

KEEP IN MIND If you participate in a specific athletic activity more than 3 days a week, it’s important to choose the right footwear for your activity. Sneakers made for tennis players will provide different support and traction than cleats made for football players.

Always go back to the basics and be very precatious that you won’t injury yourself again.

Sherman Nagler D.P.M., FACFAS Houston Podiatrist at Nagler Foot Center.