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December 19, 2023
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Achilles tendon repair treatment in Houston

Achilles tendon repair surgery is performed to fix a damaged Achilles tendon, which is a strong and fibrous cord in the lower leg that connects the muscles of the calf to your heel. The Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the body that helps you walk, jump, and run. But sometimes, it can tear and rupture due to a strong and sudden force. This is when one has to undergo Achilles tendon repair treatment in Houston.

The Achilles can rupture if you suddenly move faster or pivot on your foot. It can cause pain and swelling near the heel, and the person may not be able to bend the foot downward. An Achilles tendon repair treatment in Houston can fix this condition.

The Achilles tendon can also degenerate over time, and this condition is known as tendinitis or tendinopathy, which can cause pain and stiffness along the Achilles tendon and on the back of your heel. This is often caused due to overuse and repeated stress to the tendon, especially if you have been more active. The risk of tendinopathy is increased if you have short calf muscles.

During Achilles tendon surgery, an incision is made in the back of the calf. If it is ruptured, the tendon will be stitched back together. If it is degenerated, the damaged part of the tendon may be removed, and the rest of the tendon will be repaired with stitches. If the tendons are severely damaged, the surgeon will replace them by taking the tendons from another place in your foot.

In some cases, Achilles tendon surgery is done as a minimally invasive procedure by making several small incisions instead of a large one. This is done with a special scope with a tiny camera and light.

What Happens During Achilles Tendon Repair Surgery?

This surgery is performed in many ways by a certified orthopedic surgeon. You can ask your healthcare professional about the details of the surgery. The patient is given spinal anesthesia during surgery or sedation to keep you sleeping through the surgery. Your heart rate and blood pressure will be checked during the surgery.

An incision will be made through the skin and muscle of your calf. This incision will be smaller if you have minimally invasive surgery. Then, an incision will be made through the sheath that surrounds the tendon, and the surgeon will remove parts of the damaged tendon or repair the rip in the tendon. The surgeon may also remove another tendon from your foot to replace part of the Achilles tendon. The layers of skin will be closed, and the muscles around your calf will be sutured.

Wrapping Up

Achilles tendon surgery may be needed if the tendon is torn. It is also advised in the case of a tendon rupture. However, the foot specialist may advise other treatments before recommending surgery, which includes pain medicine or a temporary cast to prevent the leg from moving. Surgery is also not advised if the person has diabetes and neuropathy in the legs.

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