5 Things to know about Swollen Feet

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July 13, 2017
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July 13, 2017
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Summer is here and many of us will be standing, walking and exercising during the summer months. When we finally get a chance to sit down, we may notice that our feet are swollen.


Walking All Day

Having swollen feet after a day of walking is not uncommon and is not usually something to be concerned about. To get your puppies looking svelte again, make sure that you keep them elevated above your heart to get your circulation flowing regularly. Call Dr. Sherman Nagler if they haven’t returned to normal by the next day.


People with diabetes are at greater risk for foot infections. Checking your feet daily and seeing your podiatrist regularly can go a long way in preventing and treating infections. If you notice an open sore, bruising, or redness on your foot be sure to see us at Nagler Foot Center or Call Houston Podiatrist Sherman Nagler immediately. Enlist family members to check out your feet if you lack the flexibility to do so.

Weight Gain

It’s not uncommon for men and women to suffer from swollen feet if there’s been significant weight gain. Weight gain can be a big problem for some people with diabetes and increased weight can also put you at risk for other chronic conditions. Work with a nutritionist to assist you in your return to a normal weight to reduce your swollen feet and for your overall health.


Swollen feet are very common in pregnancy and are usually nothing to worry about. Extra fluids are produced by the body to support your baby. Wear comfortable shoes that provide good support, elevate your feet above your heart, and wear compression stockings to help with this uncomfortable condition. Sometimes swelling can be a sign of a dangerous condition called preeclampsia which is accompanied by high blood pressure. Call us immediately if this occurs. 713.529.1010.


As we age or gain weight our shoes are going to need some adjusting otherwise we can experience swelling and pain. Aging can cause our feet to flatten out increasing the size of our shoes and weight gain can increase the width of our feet; also, wearing pointy toed shoes or high heels for hours on end can certainly give you swollen feet.

When going out to a dance or party you can bring your higher heels, but be sure that you bring along a lower heeled pair so that you can switch off to avoid pain and swelling.

If you are experiencing swollen feet and discomfort, don’t hesitate to call Nagler Foot Center today! Feel free from pain with Houston Podiatrists Sherman Nagler.