3 Best or Proven Methods to Prevent Hammertoe

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March 27, 2018
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If you have three middle toes on your foot that are bent, then you have an ailment called hammertoe. These are the painful deformities that some people will have on their toes. The main reasons why one might get a hammertoe is when they wear shoes that are not the right size.

It might also happen when there is a foot injury, rheumatoid arthritis as well as bunions. It can occur when the muscles of the toes weaken. They can pressurize the tendons of the toes and joints causing severe pain. It can lead to the growth of a corn or callus which can appear above the deformed toe. If you wear shoes regularly, it can cause severe pain whenever a hammertoe rubs against the inside of the shoe.

When it is severe, one has to undergo surgery, and many hospitals conduct hammertoe surgery in Houston. It is always wise to follow some methods to prevent this condition from happening to you or your loved ones. Many people are not aware of this problem or have no idea with regards to how they can prevent it. Here are a few essential methods that you can follow to avoid this condition.

Buy the Right Shoe: Many people do not know how important it is to buy sensible shoes that are the right size. You need to buy a shoe that gives plenty of room for your foot and toes. It is always a good thing to have at least half an inch of space inside the shoe. It is the best way you can get the space your toes require to feel comfortable.

Now, this is the best way one can avoid this problem from happening. You also need to pick a shoe that has the best arch support. Instead of choosing a shoe blindly, you have to do some research before selecting one.

Use the Pumice Stone:It is necessary for you to purchase a pumice stone to remove the corn or callus that develops on your toes. A corn or callus is known to cause a lot of discomfort for people. After you take a warm bath, use this stone to remove the corn or callus. After removing it, you need to apply some emollients to smoothen the texture of the toe.

Do Regular Foot Exercises: Though it sounds absurd, it is essential for you to do regular foot exercises to avoid this thing from happening. If you spend a few hours, you can learn online of many exercises that you can do to strengthen your muscles and toes. You need to do a lot of exercises that involve in extending, curling as well as moving the toes. Because of the digital contracture that happens in your toe region, it avoids the growth of a hammertoe.

These methods are just some of the ways you can avoid getting this ailment and undergoing a hammertoe surgery in Houston. It is better to do these simple things to live healthy and strong.